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Rules & Regulations






1.     The name of the Society will be “The Len Valley Preservation and Angling Society”. The Society shall have control over Mallards Way open space lake and a 5 metre wide strip of bank around the lake within the Mallards Way recreation area, to be known herein as the “area of responsibility”.

2.     The main objectives of the Society shall be:

2.1.   The maintenance and enhancement of the “area of responsibility”.

2.2.   The protection of wildlife and its habitat.

2.3.   The promotion of wildlife and angling facilities.

2.4.   The control of angling in accordance with Society Regulations.


3.     The affairs of the Society shall be managed by the elected officers and committee of the Society.

4.     The Society shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six committee members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). At least 60% of Committee members must reside within the Parish of Downswood.

5.     The committee shall meet at least 4 times a year, and 5 persons shall form a quorum. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in case of need.

6.     The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur during the year, co-opt up to three additional members and appoint sub-committee’s as it deems necessary, and must take into account the requirements of Para 4 above.

7.     The AGM shall be called as soon after the 1st April each year as is convenient, 21 days notice being given thereof. The business of the AGM shall be to:

7.1.   Confirm the minutes of the last AGM and any SGM’s held since the last AGM.

7.2.   Receive and adopt the audited accounts for the year by the Treasurer.

7.3.   Review subscription rates and agree them for the forthcoming year.

7.4.   Elect the Officers of the Society (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer).

7.5.   Elect the General Committee members.

7.6.   Transact such other business received in writing by the Secretary from Full Members 14 days prior to the meeting.


8.     Special General Meetings (SGM) may be held as required, 7 days notice thereof being given. SGMs may only be called at the request of the Chairman or not less than 12 members. No business shall be transacted at an SGM other than as shown on the agenda calling such meeting.

9.     Each Full Member (Senior Member over 16 years of age) of the Society shall be entitled to one vote at General Meetings.

10.  Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by way of a simple majority of votes from those Full Members attending the meeting. In the event of equal votes, the Chairman shall be entitled to an additional casting Vote.

11.  All property of the Society and all leases and agreements shall be vested in the name of the Society.

12.  A bank account shall be held in the name of the Society at Barclays Bank PLC, and the account shall be operated on the joint signatures of any two of the following: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

13.  The Treasurer shall receive and bank all monies paid to the Society, pay all accounts and keep the accounts of the Society. Submit such accounts for audit as soon after 31st March each year as is convenient.

14.  Membership shall be open to any person irrespective of race, sex political persuasion, nationality, colour or religion.

15.  Membership is subject to payment of an Annual subscription and is renewable on the 1st May each year.

16.  Members must adhere to the following Regulations of the Society:

16.1.All members when fishing must be in possession of:

16.1.1.   A current Environment Agency Rod Fishing Licence (non migratory trout and coarse fish).

16.1.2.   A Society’s current fishing permit.


16.2.All members shall:


16.2.1.   Remove all discarded fishing tackle and litter and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

16.2.2.   Act as water bailiffs and do all in their power to preserve the interests of the Society.

16.2.3.   Produce their Society permit and Environment Agency Rod Licence when requested to do so, by another Society member, a Police Officer or an Official of Maidstone Borough Council, providing they produce proof of identity, whilst fishing in the Society’s “area of responsibility”.

16.2.4.   Only fish from the designated fishing swims (maximum 16).

16.2.5.   Return all fish to the lake whether dead or alive.


16.3.No member of the Society shall:

16.3.1.      Use barbed hooks.

16.3.2.      Use treble hooks.

16.3.3.      Use artificial lures.

16.3.4.      Use live baits.

16.3.5.      Use fresh water dead bait.

16.3.6.      Use lead weights.

16.3.7.      Use any narcotic or drug as ground bait.

16.3.8.      Use kernel based baits.

16.3.9.      Use floating baits.

16.3.10.   Use metal tins or cans to transport or contain baits.

16.3.11.   Leave rods unattended with baited hooks in the water.


16.4.The Society shall prohibit the following:


16.4.1.   The use of keep nets except during Society organised competitions.

16.4.2.   Night fishing from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise.

16.4.3.   Parking of vehicles in the Mallards Way open space except when carrying out maintenance to the “area of responsibility”.


16.5.     All members must comply with National, Regional and Society regulations when fishing in the Society’s “area of responsibility”.

16.6.     Fishing permits will be limited to a given number and allocated on a 2 tier system (A and B) with applicants on A list having priority over applicants on B list. The criterion of A list is, any person residing in the Parishes of Downswood, Bearsted or Otham. The criterion for B list is any person not included in A list, and subject to a fee as defined at the AGM.

16.7.No constraints will be placed on children under the age of 8 fishing with small nets.

17.  The Society reserves the right to expel any member, who in its considered opinion has transgressed the Rules and Regulations of the Society. Members shall have the right to appeal in person to the management committee with regard to any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of such appeal be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, within 7 days of notification of the decision.

18.  The Society reserves the right to alter and amend all Rules and Regulations as may seem necessary, after consultation with Downswood Parish Council and in agreement with Maidstone Borough Council, at its AGM.

19.  Neither the Society nor its officers shall be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by a member or persons accompanying a member in the “area of responsibility”. Persons using the Society’s “area of responsibility” do so at their own risk.

20.  The Society shall not be dissolved as long as 12 members are willing to continue membership. Should the Society be dissolved, all agreements, rights and trophies shall be returned to the donors. The property of the Society shall be sold and after all liabilities met, the balance shall be donated to some charitable organisation or institution.


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